Two jazz band festivals have been held over the last several weeks and the quality results are listed below.
Five Gilbert High School Jazz Band members have been chosen to participate in Drake Honor Jazz Band Festival.  The festival takes place on Tuesday, January 31st.  The students are:
Angela Schwartz, Senior, Tenor Sax
Quinton Nespor, Senior, Drums
Matthew Tifft, Senior, Trombone
Sarah Farwell, Junior, Bari Sax
Luke Haverdink, Freshman, Trombone

Gilbert Jazz One, the high school’s top jazz band, finished second at Simpson College Jazz Festival on Tuesday, January 24th.  Seven bands competed in class 3A.  This was the band’s third festival of the year.

Several members of the band earned Outstanding Soloist recognition from the panel of judges.  They are:
David Rico-Gomez, Guitar
Quinton Nespor, Drums
Angela Schwarts, Clarinet and Tenor Sax
Krishan Sritharan, Guitar and Bass
Matthew Tifft, Trombone
Sarah Farwell, Alto Sax
Elaina Borg, Piano and Violin