On behalf of the Gilbert school district, I would like to introduce our new middle school principal, Mr. Mike Danilson.  Mike is a familiar face in the district having worked here for the last thirteen years as the guidance counselor in the middle school.  He and his wife, Kristy, one of our fifth grade teachers, have two children in the system, Jacob (6th grade) and Maggie (3rd grade).  Both Mike and Kristy are excellent educators so we are thrilled to be able to keep them in the district and feel certain that Mike will help us move forward at the middle school.


Mike has had a lot of experience including building a middle school guidance program from the ground up.  Not only is his program highly regarded within the district, but Mike’s colleagues in the field have also acknowledged him as a leader.  He has served as a member of the School Counselor Work Group of the Governor’s STEM Advisory Panel, one of only six counselors asked to serve.  He helped identify best practices of career development activities as well as existing barriers to STEM programs and careers.  He has also served as the Vice President of the Iowa School Counselor Association and helped grow the membership in this group by 270%.  Additionally, he is one of eight school counselors who were asked to work with the DE to identify and plan future professional development needs of school counselors.  He has presented at a variety counseling conferences and will bring a wealth of experience in working with students to the principal position.


Mike received his Administration Endorsement through Morningside College and Prairie Lakes AEA.  His Masters of Education, Counselor Education and a BS in Exercise and Sport Science were obtained at Iowa State University.


Even though many of you have known Mr. Danilson for a long time, please take a moment and welcome him into this new position.  We are glad to have him on our administration team and look forward to hearing his ideas and plans for the future of our middle school.