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The elementary received a STEM grant through the Governor’s STEM Initiative for the creation of a Makerspace. A Makerspace is a place where students can invent, create, and explore. They are able to learn problem solving skills through hands-on creations. In addition to the $5000 grant, Gilbert PTO generously provided funds for a LEGO section including WeDo 2.0 sets that teach coding.

Because students are creating projects and prototypes, there is a need for lots of consumable materials. Below is a list of items that we would take as donations at any time. If you are in the elementary, please come and check out the Makerspace which is located just off the library.

– Duct tape/masking tape/painter’s tape/washi tape

– Scrapbook Paper, cardstock, construction paper

– Beads (perler beads, pony beads, etc.)

– Small (<12”) cardboard boxes (eg. cereal boxes, gift boxes,

– Drinking Straws (not the bendable kind)

– Different shaped paper punches (stars, hearts, circles, etc.)

– Hot glue sticks

– Zip ties

– Corks

– Paper towel and toilet paper rolls

– Tissue Paper

– Clean plastic containers (e.g. Clorox wipes, sour cream, cool whip, butter, etc. NO PEANUT BUTTER JARS)

– Fabric, ribbon and other sewing notions

– Buttons

– Popsicle sticks, tongue depressors, clothes pins

– Pipecleaners

– Stickers

– Craft paint

– Tin Foil, plastic wrap, waxed paper

*If you have a question about an item that you would like to donate that is not on this list, please call Mrs. Edwards

at 232-3744.