In conjunction with the American Heart Association and Echo’s Kindness Challenge in Mrs. Klaffke’s PE classes, students at Gilbert Intermediate decided to take the kindness challenge one step further.  A tree was created in the TigerTeria as a home for good deeds. Purple, pink, and red hearts were distributed to all classrooms and common areas. When a student completed a good deed, they wrote it on the heart for everyone to see and share ideas. The PBIS Council took a leadership role in making sure the hearts were placed on the tree.  As of February 14, there were more than 340 hearts and it continues to grow! “It has been really fun to see students excited to hand in their hearts and be proud of the good deed they have accomplished,” said Mrs. Wilson, School Counselor. “During our February Be Your Best assembly the PBIS Council performed a skit called, ‘A Day in the Life of 10 Good Deeds.’ In this skit, they showed students what would happen if one person was on the receiving end of a good deed and they decided to pay it forward for someone else.  We wanted students to imagine what our school day would look like if good deeds were being performed all day long.” The tree will continue to branch out over the TigerTeria through the month of February as good deeds are added daily. If you’re over in the building any time soon, be sure to stop by and read some of the good deeds – one thing is for certain, Gilbert Intermediate students know how to show kindness!