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What am I voting for?

Elementary – create a safe & secure entrance as well as improve mechanical & electrical upgrades along with temperature control renovations

Intermediate – create a safe & secure entrance, classroom updates and improve mechanical & electrical upgrades along with temperature control renovations

Middle – 4 additional classrooms, expand & renovate the locker rooms (using the existing multi-purpose room), add a multi-purpose room and gymnasium vestibule

High – 4 additional classrooms (2 general classrooms, art classroom & Career Tech classroom, expand the VoTech lab educational space

Athletics/Activities – band room addition and improvements, improvements to the intermediate track, improvements to the existing baseball and softball fields, a new baseball and softball fields at the current football complex, level ground north of the MS for a practice field

G.O. Bond Language

The proposed projects include interior improvements to the Elementary School and Intermediate School buildings, interior improvements and additions to the Middle School and High School buildings, and outdoor athletic field improvements including a new Baseball Field, a new Softball Field, and a new practice soccer field.


2006     Middle School opened
2013     High School opened & 4th building added (Intermediate School)
2015     Multiple new housing developments opened
2015     Recommended Master Planning Process began
2016     Haila Architecture was selected to begin Phase I assessment
2017     Phase II planning began
2017     Gilbert School Board approved the Phase II study and the motion to move towards a bond vote
2018     April 3, 2018, Bond Referendum Vote

Long-Range Planning

Gilbert Schools first initiated long-range planning work in the fall of 2015.  The board recognized continued enrollment growth and wanted to be sure that we were in good standing as we welcomed more and more new students each school year.  Multiple committee meetings were held to gain insight from our community, parents and staff to determine what priorities needed to be addressed.  A thorough evaluation was completed by Haila Architecture in conjunction with KCL Engineering of all mechanical and electrical conditions at all 4 district buildings.

The final report, approved by the Gilbert Board of Education on November 13, 2017 can be read below:

Community Forums were held on April 19, 26 & 29, 2017.  View the recorded presentation as well as read through the presentation below.

Enrollment Projections

Gilbert Schools is the 8th fastest growing district in the state of Iowa.  During the planning stages, Gilbert Schools commissioned ISFIS to complete an enrollment projection study to be completed.  Taking into account birth rate, housing developments and other factors, they determined 1%-1.5% annual growth.  Looking at growth with a straight 3% annual growth, as seen over the past 10 years seems to be more aligned with what Gilbert Schools has seen and the rate that the school board agreed to move forward with.

  • Over the last 26 years – annual enrollment growth = + 2.75%
  • Over the last 10 years – annual enrollment growth = + 3.25%

enrollment projection

A complete ISFIS report can be reviewed in the Phase 2 report above.

Bond Referendum Video