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About Us

About Us


Gilbert PTO members include guardians of children enrolled in Gilbert schools, teachers and staff employed by Gilbert Community School District, and anyone interested in helping us meet our goals and objectives.  Gilbert PTO is completely run by volunteers.  There are no membership fees or dues.


Our first PTO meeting of the year will be on Tuesday, September 5th at 7:00 pm in the Gilbert Middle School Library; the rest of the meetings will generally be on the first Monday of October, November, December, February, April and May.  The meetings are held to hear from teachers, staff, and school administrators, consider requests for funds, and discuss Gilbert PTO events.  All guardians in attendance can provide input as to how Gilbert PTO funds are spent.


  • Support classroom learning.
  • Encourage learning in and out of the classroom.
  • Encourage student support in community activities.
  • Serve as a liaison organization between educators and parents.


  • Establish a communication mechanism between educators, parents, and district patrons.
  • Provide financial backing for non-budgeted school projects.
  • Recruit volunteers for various activities upon requests for teachers and staff.
  • Increase Gilbert PTO involvement with staff.

Projects Funded in the 2017-2018 School Year

  • Teacher supplies: $3,000
  • Movie licenses: $1,300
  • 2 nd Grade Project Based Learning Unit of new recess equipment: $1,200
  • Field trips: $1,000
  • Ga-ga ball pit for the Middle School: $1,000
  • Directories for the Elementary, Intermediate, and Middle Schools: $800
  • Playhouse for the Elementary School: $500
  • Back to school events: $300
  • FCCLA recycling project: $300