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K-2 Identification

In Kindergarten through 2nd grade, teachers use 3 screenings to identify ELP students: 

1. GO-MATH Assessment 
  -This test is given at the beginning, middle, and end of the school year.
    > Establishes what students already know at the beginning of the year.
    > Shows student growth throughout the year.
    > Indicates which students may need differentiation, or instruction differing from the average student.
  -Teachers use student’s fall scores to determine higher achieving students that may require educational enrichment.
    > Tests student’s abilities in Math, Reading and Language Arts.
    > These tests compare a student’s academic growth over time, as well as predicts their future growth.
3. Classroom Assessment Data 
    -Classroom teachers are responsible for identifying students that are performing above average.
4. Teacher Referral
5. Classroom Performance