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Teacher Spotlight

Teacher Spotlight

Every Student. Every Day.

Gilbert Schools has so many GREAT things going on in the classroom each and every day! Take a few minutes to view the teachers that have been “in the spotlight” so far this school year!

Michele Jacobson – Intermediate music teacher

Tigh Bakker – High School geometry

Rita Hamers – Intermediate School 3rd grade teacher

Stephanie Klaffke – K-5 Physical Education teacher

Jenni Pudenz – Elementary School 2nd grade teacher

Emily Danner – Elementary School kindergarten teacher

Krissy Leinen – High School art teacher

Rebekah Hamblin – High School Spanish teacher

Brooke Shea – High School English teacher

Jen Maguire – High School art teacher

Heather Currans – PreSchool Teacher

Natalie Wilson  – Middle School Counselor

Thanks for tuning in as we share the story of Gilbert Schools, Every Student. Every Day.