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Board Policy: Section 900

900 Principles and Objectives for Community Relations

901.1 Public Examination of School District Records

902.1 News Media Relations

902.2 News Conferences and Interviews

902.3 News Releases

902.4 Live Broadcasting or Recording

903.1 School Community Groups

903.2 School Volunteers

903.3 Visitors to School District Buildings and Sites

903.4 Public Conduct on School Premises

903.5 Distribution of Materials

903.5R1 Distribution of Materials Regulation

904.1 Transporting Students in Private Vehicles

904.2 Advertising and Promotion

905.1 Community Use of School District Facilities Equipment

905.1E1 Community Use Application Form

905.1E2 Community Use Insurance Agreement

905.1R1 Community Use Regulations

905.1R2 Community Use Fees Schedule

905.2 Tobacco Nicotine Free Environment

906 Unmanned Aircrafts Drones

907 Early Defibrillator Program

907.R1 Early Defibrillator Program Regulations

908 Memorial Wall

908.R1 Memorial Wall