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Preschool Pancakes

The HS Family and Consumer Science students made a pancake breakfast with preschool students in the HS FCS Kitchen.  The food was delicious as you can see by the faces below.



Terrace Hill Piano Competition

Congratulation to Robert Gemignani for winning Iowa’s 2017 Terrace Hill Senior Piano Competition.
His First Place title is accompanied by a $10,000 scholarship.
The Finals of the competition will be broadcast on Iowa Public Television on Monday, April 17, 2017 at 9:00PM.

All-State Jazz Band

Congratulations to Quinton Nespor, who was selected as the drummer for the 3A All-State Jazz Band.  Quinton is the first Gilbert student selected since Sarah Baker, who made the 2A group in 2012.  Quinton will perform with the group at IBA Conference in May.

Designing Cars in 6th Grade

6th grade students spent Wednesday and Thursday (March 22 & 23) delivering high stakes presentations as part of their design unit in science.  This project based learning/STEM activity required student to design a toy car according to standards in an RFP.  After using the Engineering Method to design, create, test, and modify toy cars, the students were then required to present their efforts to a board made up of engineers from Iowa State University and the Federal Highway Commission.

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