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PTO Funds New Playground Equipment

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Thanks to a generous donation from the Gilbert PTO, the elementary will be installing two new pieces of playground equipment for the fall. As a part of 1st grade’s project based learning unit on data collection, students at the elementary were surveyed about which playground design they liked best. The drawings above represent the winning design. Special thanks to Mark Boland of Boland Recreation for coming to speak to the 1st grade, Gilbert PTO for their funding, and the first graders for all their hard work.

Safety Forum

Gilbert Schools and Story County Sheriff’s Office partnered to host an open safety forum for Gilbert Schools parents & community members.  Ongoing conversations will be held to assure that all measures of safety are taken to provide the best for all staff and students.  You can watch the recorded forum by clicking HERE.

Project Jack – Book Drive

The Gilbert 4th grade reading council sponsored a book drive an received over 900 books for their book! These books were donated to the Kindergarten students at Moulton Elementary School in Des Moines. The students divided into three committees; advertisement, design, and collection. The advertisement committee made posters and created announcements telling the community about the book drive; students in the design committee decorated canvas tote bags to be used by the Kindergartners as “book bags.” The collection committee put the book bags, a book mark, and books together along with a little bag of fruit snacks. The fourth grade class then made a field trip down to Moulton Elementary and delivered the book bags to the Kindergartners. We truly have a wonderful district that is so willing to give to other communities!

5th Graders Project Jack!

The 5th graders at Gilbert Intermediate received a $250 grant from Project Jack which was used to “pay it forward.” Students choose to donate the money to Joppa, a Des Moines organization, which will go towards building a tiny house for the homeless. The students got to tour a tiny house to get an idea of what their money was going towards and also got to visit Joppa head quarters. The first hand experience for them was unreal to see where their money and hard work was going to help fight homelessness.

Click this link to read the full story!

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