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Student Resources

The following links are resources used to provide supplemental learning both in the classroom and at home. Students have free access to them through the district’s subscription to the Heartland AEA. To access the username and password for the resources, please contact your school librarian.

BookFlix_button_6474F5DC766A8Book Flix– This is an online literacy resource that matches classic video storybooks from Western woods with related non fiction e-books from Scholastic to build a love of learning and reading.

Britannica_4C30706DB1BA8Britannica- This online encyclopedia houses many additional resources such as videos, multimedia, audio clips and so much more!

CultureGrams_67AE58BC25F74Culture Grams- This website serves as a database to learn about different areas of the world, their culture, and their history.

discoveryscience_2509495544651Discovery Education Science- This resource provides supplemental Discovery Education science content through activities, lessons, and videos.

download-5Freedom Flix- This website, created by Scholastic, provides students with an opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes look at people, places, and events that shaped our modern world.

MackinVia_F5F071BA55824 Makinvia- This source provides easy access to many digital e-books and databases that cover a variety of content areas and interest.

Soundzabound_D440617B6CB27 Soundzabound- This resources has thousands of royalty-free tracks that can be used in reports and projects.