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The path to going to college is a very exciting one!  As one of the high school school counselors, I absolutely love working with students and families to figure out what school is the right one, to help with attaining scholarships, and then seeing our kids walking across the stage at graduation knowing they are heading to the school of their dreams. Please check out the appropriate one for you.  Also, I have set up a quick list of the basics of the college admissions process.

When it comes down to it the process of going from a high school senior to becoming a college freshmen is pretty easy.  The tough part is making sure that things are done correctly, determining which college is the right fit, and students and parents are getting the best deal possible in attending that school. Here is are a few things that really need to happen in order to make the college transition:

1. Visit the campus. (junior year or throughout the senior year)

2. Apply for admission as early in the senior year as possible. (August through October of the senior year)

3. Apply for housing if the student is planning on living in the dorms. (ASAP after being accepted from a college)

4. Apply for scholarships from multiple sources, but most of all , investigate how to get as many scholarship from the colleges the student is applying to for admission. (Junior and Senior year)

5. Have all college entrance exams been taken?  ACT? SAT? ALEKS?

6. Apply for financial aid by the priority deadline by using the FAFSA form as soon as possible after October 1st during the senior year.

7. Once award letters from all the schools have been received (January to March of the senior year) students will see a more detail picture of what the costs of attendance will be and the financial aid package the college is offering.

8. Accept and decline the award letters. Let the colleges know if the student will be attending or not. (Before May 1 of the senior year)

9. Set up a time for orientation at the school. (Early summer after the senior year if at all possible)

10. Send a final transcript after graduation. (Late May.  I do this automatically!)