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Gilbert Intermediate Makerspace

What is it?

The makerspace provides students with hands-on and creative ways of learning. It can encourage students to design, experiment create and think outside the box.

A peek inside:

The engineering Process:

Our goal for the students to achieve while in the makerspace is to:

  • Ask
    • What are the problems?
  • Imagine
    • Brainstorm ideas
  • Plan
    • Gather materials needed
  • Create
    • Test it out
  • Improve
    • Think about what you made

Words from our teachers:  

“I think it is beneficial to the students learning because they are interacting with the content that is being taught. This also provides creativity they didn’t know they had and students love sharing with each other what they created, along with providing suggestions.

This space provides a place for students to continue their learning where they can produce an artifact to represent their learning. I am thankful we have the space to allow students to interact with each other, problem-solve with their creations, and share with each other how they got to their end product.”
-Miss White

Projects made in the Makerspace: