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Athletic Code

  1. General Regulations
  2. Gilbert High School and Middle School rules must be followed in all cases of eligibility, physical examinations, insurance coverage, starting dates, use of school equipment, etc.. Each coach has the responsibility to know, to inform team members and parents and to enforce school and State regulations in these matters.
  3. Students in activities must travel to and from contests away from Gilbert in transportation provided by the school. Students representing Gilbert will remain at the site of the contest unless transported by the supervisor. The only exceptions are:
  4. Injury to a participant which would require alternate transportation
  5. Personal arrangements at the site of the event made by the parent or guardian with the supervisor in writing
  6. A display of unsportsmanlike conduct toward an opponent or official or use of profanity during a practice or contest will result in counseling by the head coach.
  7. Unexcused absence from scheduled practice will be dealt with by the head coach.
  8. Completion of the sports season is required in order for the student to be eligible for letter or other team or individual awards, the exception being an injury which limits participation. No awards shall be given to any student suspended for the remainder of the season for violation of the athletic code.
  9. Rules & Regulations
  10. IHSAA & IGHSAU Regulations (High School)
  11. All contestants must be enrolled and in good standing in school.
  12. All contestants must be under 20 years of age.
  13. No student shall be eligible to take part in interscholastic athletic contests more than eight consecutive semesters.
  14. A medical exam by a licensed physician is required each year.
  15. A student may not receive any award which exceeds $10.00 for participation in interscholastic or non-school activities.
  16. All contestants must be covered by accident/health insurance, either by taking out a school policy or by filing with the A.D. written consent that the student is covered under a family policy. A student may not participate on a non-school team during the same season without written permission of the student’s school; violation of this regulation will result in ineligibility for 12 calendar months for the student, and the school must forfeit contest said student participated in.
  17. Athletes 7th through 12th cannot take part in organized practice by a coach following the conclusion of the State tournament of that sport.
  18. IHSAA & IGHSAU Regulations (Middle School) Rules and regulations of State associations of which the school is a member and school district policy shall be followed by the students in an activity.

III. Gilbert High School and Middle School Local Rules A. Attendance

  1. Illness: Students who miss any part of a school day due to illness will not be eligible to participate in a contest, practice, game or any school sponsored event held on the same day. This includes taking part in after school practice sessions. Students missing for medical or dental appointments will be required to provide written verification of this from the provider.
  2. Other Reasons: Students who miss school for reasons other than illness must have their absences excused prior to the day they will miss, either in writing, by phone, or in person to be eligible for that day’s events as either a participant or a spectator. The Principal or Designee has the discretion to allow participation the day of the event, without an excused absence from the prior day, only after direct contact with the student’s parents.
  3. Truancy and unexcused absences: will eliminate a student’s eligibility to participate until the student resumes attendance and the truancy or unexcused absence is resolved.
  4. Eligibility Policy:
  5. Senior High School: State Scholarship Rule 36.15(2):

A “student with a disability” and an IEP is judged based on progress made toward IEP goals. A student who has an individualized education program shall not be denied eligibility on the basis of scholarship if the student is making adequate progress, as determined by school officials, toward the goals and objectives on the student’s IEP program.

  1. Any student participating in an extracurricular activity will be ineligible for a period of 30 consecutive calendar days in the activity the student participate in. 30 days begins on the first legal playing date.
  2. Ineligibility begins when final semester grades are issued – on the date that grades are being sent home.
  3. Ability to use summer school or other means to make up failing grades for eligibility purposes is stricken.
  4. Extracurricular Activities
  5. Athletics – Drill Team – Cheerleading If a student is not passing all at the end of a grading period (semester grade/grade on transcript), student is ineligible for the first period of 30 consecutive school days in the interscholastic athletic event. A student will be ineligible for the first sport they participate in following the grading period.
  6. For a 9th grader following the first semester grading period, they will be ineligible in the first sport they participate in after this grading period.
  7. Ineligibility for students participating in sports immediately following a grading period:
  8. If the grading period is in the middle of an affected student’s season, the period of ineligibility starts with the first school day after final grades are issued (example: winter activities).
  9. Students in summer sports will become ineligible for 30 consecutive calendars days upon school notification of grades from second semester. They will then be eligible at the beginning of first semester.
  10. Ineligibility for students participating in activities not following a grading period will begin their 30 calendar days from the first legal competition date set by the State Association for the given sport.
  11. Example of Ineligibility for a one-sport athlete: A student in football is not eligible at end of their first grading period but passes all classes the next grading period; that student will still be ineligible during football for 30 calendar days from the first legal competition date.