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Coach/Athlete Handbook

Athletic Mission Statement

The mission of Gilbert Athletics is to develop young men and women who have the following characteristics: Integrity, Respect, Responsibility, Servant Leadership, and Sportsmanship who take on the challenges placed in front of them and take pride in the traditions that are Gilbert Athletics.

Philosophy Statement

The athletic program will be in conformity with the philosophy of the Gilbert Community School District. The athletic administration will be in line with the general policies of the Gilbert School District, Iowa Boy’s Athletic Union, Iowa Girls Athletic Union and the National Federation of High Schools. The athletic program will provide wholesome opportunities for the students to develop from their experiences, favorable habits and attitudes of social and group living in a democratic world. The leadership should be of the highest quality so as to exemplify to the participants the desired type of individual to be developed from the athletic program. Measurement of the success of the leadership would be in the intangible personality development factors that are an outgrowth of the major objectives of the athletics program. The activities program will function as an integral part of the total curriculum and will constantly strive for the development of a well-rounded individual for a higher quality of life, capable of taking their place in modern society.

Participation Theory

7th and 8th Grade: The junior high program teaches the skills of the activity. Interscholastic competition begins at this level and will afford as many students as possible the opportunity to participate within the schedule so that they may achieve their fullest learning and performance levels.

9th Grade: Some 9th grade activities are more limited in scope and availability for participation. Therefore, while an effort is made to allow as many students as possible to compete, the more advanced participants may receive the majority of participation time. Other team members may be offered the opportunity to participate in a schedule which demands lesser skills development.

Junior Varsity: This program will develop and utilize those that show the greatest ability in a variety of skills. Role specialization may become more evident at this level. Those who are more able will be the primary participants.

Varsity: The varsity team is for those who have learned the basic skills well and perform them in both practice and in interscholastic competition. Role specialization is often a necessity at this level and participants may be used in specific roles for the benefit of the entire team. Depending on the activity, not all wishing to participate will be able. Participants who display leadership and/or enthusiasm, in combination with basic skill development, may enhance their opportunity to participate.