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Open Enrollment

Iowa’s Open Enrollment law allows students residing in one district to request transfer to another school district upon the parent’s request. Parents/ guardians considering the use of the open enrollment option to enroll their children in another public school district in the state of Iowa should be aware of the following dates: March 1 is the last date for open enrollment requests for those student. Parents should be aware that open enrollment might result in the loss of athletic eligibility. For further details contact the Superintendent’s Office.

Human Growth and Development

Gilbert Community Schools District provides students with instruction in human growth and development. Parents may review the human growth and development curriculum prior to use and have their child excused from human growth and development instruction. This instruction will occur primarily in grades 6-7 at the middle school. Parents should contact the principal if they wish to review the curriculum, have general questions, or would like their child excused from human growth and development instruction.

Grading Policies:

Gilbert Middle School has implemented a standards based grading philosophy that focuses instruction, assessment, and learning on established learning standards. Although Gilbert Middle School will continue to issue letter grades on report cards, teachers will focus on finding evidence that the student is proficient in key learning standards. The goal of this effort is to change the discussion from letter grades to what a student has and has not learned. Our grading rubric follows

  • 3 meets expectations
  • 2 progressing toward expectations
  • 1 does not yet meet expectations

The letter grade will be calculated by averaging the scores received for each standard and a homework completion grade. Grades will be issued at the end of each trimester.