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Senior Night

Senior nights need to be set with the assistance of the athletic director and introductions will be done using the same format for all sports.

Dropping Or Transferring Sports

A student who makes the squad in one sport and who does not finish the season in that sport, will not be eligible to start participating for another sport before the end of the competition in the sport he/she dropped, unless he/she has the consent of the coaches in both sports. If it is necessary for an athlete to be absent from a practice session, the athlete must get permission from his/her coach.

Welcome Back Caravans/Pep Assemblies

Welcome back caravans and guidelines for pep assemblies regarding athletic teams qualifying or participating in state tournaments or meets:

  1. If athletic teams finish as state champion or runner-up in state competition then welcome back caravans and assemblies may be planned.
  2. If the following teams qualify for state tournament play we will allow a 15 minute assembly at the end of the school day or during an extended homeroom time in the morning, depending on the schedule for the day for the sports of football, volleyball, basketball, and cross country.
  3. Due to the nature of wrestling, soccer, track and field, golf, softball and baseball any send off or pep assemblies will be determined by the athletic director using the guidelines above.

School Transportation To State Events

When a team qualifies for a State tournament event the school will provide transportation for those coaches and team members who will be participating in the event. Transportation may not be provided to any other team members who did not qualify individually or are not part of the team who is performing in the state event. A pep bus may be provided depending on the circumstances of the team or teams playing in the state event. This will be determined by the school administration.

Conditioning Period And Open Gym

Purpose: to make use of our facility for conditioning and still encourage athletes to get involved in our athletic program.

Open Gym:

  1. Coaches: At no time will any coaching or scrimmaging be done with athletes; just the required supervision.
  2. Open gym may begin the first Saturday in October (during this month, no scrimmaging of out-of-season sport) through the state tournaments of the winter sports season and again throughout the summer months until the beginning of fall sports season. Only exception is when the gym floor is being refinished.
  3. During the other times of the year, students will use outside facilities to throw, play catch, shoot, etc.
  4. Open gym on Sunday during the winter sports season for elementary, Middle School and high school students and adults will be restricted and it must be approved by the athletics director.
  5. Open gym for the summer months will be approved by the athletics director and posted through the summer camp/open gym schedule and approved by the board of education.
  6. NO coaching can take place in open gyms when school is in session. Coaching may occur in the summer time.
  7. There will be no open gyms during summer Softball or Baseball practice or game times.


  1. Conditioning facilities may be used the year round with proper supervision.
  2. Facilities to be used are running areas outside and weight facilities. Running in the gym will not be allowed due to volleyball in the fall and basketball and wrestling in the winter.
  3. Supervision at all times
  4. Open to athletes and non-athletes
  5. Sports in season have priority use of weight area.
  6. All coaches will work with the designated strength coach in developing their programs.
  7. Open to all athletes and non-athletes.


The athletic director schedules all school athletic events. As a member of a conference, we are naturally obligated to schedule all conference teams. Any schedule changes requested by the head coach will be given every consideration. Factors governing scheduling shall include time, money, travel, gate revenues, and facility availability. No head coach is to schedule an athletic contest without prior approval of the athletic director.

Strength And Conditioning

All athletic programs will be required to have their in-season athletes lift twice a week during their season. The lifting will be in accordance with the strength programs that have been established. The athletes will be required to complete the core lifts identified by the male and female strength and conditioning programs plus auxiliary lifts that fit for their individualized sport program. The dates and times of the lifting sessions will be set at the beginning of each season by all in-season and out of season coaches.

Transportation Of Students To And From School Activities

Students will be required to ride to and from all school activities, in which they are participants, in school-owned or authorized vehicles with the following exception: Students may be transported to and from such activities by their own parents or guardians or by parents of other students involved in the activity. Parents or guardians of students involved must notify the high school principal or designee in advance of any such trip. Under no circumstances will student participants be allowed to drive to and from such activities.

State Law: If we provide a bus to a contest all athletes must ride the bus. Some cannot choose to drive to the site. If we do not provide a bus to the event site we may ask all athletes to meet at the event site via their own transportation.

All buses are ordered by the athletic director. The head coach should inform the athletic director of the size of bus needed and of the departure time prior to the first contest of the season. The athletic director will provide a transportation request form for each head coach prior to their season. Times may be adjusted depending upon road and weather conditions. It is the responsibility of the coach to have the members of his/her squad ready to board the bus at the designated time. The coach must exercise control and maintain proper supervision of his/her students during the entire trip.

Sports Camps

Coaches are encouraged to run camps at an appropriate time to develop their programs and provide fundamental instruction to the student-athletes. It is important coaches communicate with the athletic director their camp needs and times. If coaches are taking student-athletes off campus today or overnight camps it is crucial they communicate all necessary information to the athletic director.

Use Of Athletic Facilities

Athletic facilities are provided to the coaches and sports offered in the Gilbert School District. It is the responsibility of the head coaches and the coaches in his charge to properly care for those facilities. If there are any problems with the facilities they need to be communicated to the athletic director first and immediately. Any recommendations need to be completed in the coaches “end of year” report. Any changes to athletic facilities need to fit into the long term plan of the school district. Do not let any patrons, booster club members, or supporters alter any facilities without the approval of the athletic director.

Sunday Practices

Sunday practices will not be allowed on a regular basis and must be approved by the athletic director in advance of the practice. This includes open gyms.

Weather Related Practice Policy

When school is dismissed due to bad weather all practices will be cancelled for that day. We will not allow mandatory practices at other non-school district sites. All students must leave the school campuses upon dismissal from school. Coaches will not be allowed to transport student-athletes to another facility for practice nor have older students transport younger students.

Holiday Practices

The holiday practice schedules will be established by the athletic director in cooperation with the coaches and school administration. There will be “dead time” during the Christmas holiday where no practices will be allowed and gyms will be closed.

Team Picture Policy

Team pictures will only be taken by the photographer the school district contracts. Coaches should not schedule any other photographer for any pictures unless approved by the athletic director.


Head coaches must supply a list of letter winners (including any managers) to the athletic office a week(7 calendar days) before you need the awards so that we have time to get them together for you. This should include any letters, pins, or certificates you may need. Distribution of awards is the head coach’s responsibility, so you will want to turn your lists in to the office in time to have them back to hand out at your banquet or end of season function.

Personal Use Of School Apparel

Athletes should wear school issued athletic apparel only when they are involved in practices or games. Athletic apparel is not to be used as a physical education uniform or as personal clothing unless regulated by the coach or athletic director. It is the responsibility of the coach to inform the participants on his/her team of the proper use of athletic apparel. The head coaches of each sport are responsible for insuring that all levels of participation conform to this policy.


Gilbert High School and Middle School Coaches will maintain a “zero tolerance” towards any type of hazing activities. Hazing, usually a form of initiation, is defined as any practice(even “harmless fun”, “bonding”, and “practical”, etc.) whereby one part of a group is made or “asked” to do anything that the remaining part of the group is exempt from doing by virtue of seniority or other “privileged” status. Because hazing often undermines groups morale, spirit, and unity as well as often leads to personal hurt and degradation, the school will not permit it in any form and will take disciplinary action against any individual and/or groups/teams that haze.

Documentation Of Workouts

Every coach should keep, by date, a notebook of practice plans so that you can reconstruct the season if necessary. It is imperative that these plans document when various safety related warnings were made. Lawsuits, some of which have resulted in incredible awards, have centered around the players not having been warned of the dangers of the sport. The dates of such warnings must be documented or you may make up a list of dangers and precautions in your sport which the players and parents must sign prior to participation. It would be a good idea to include in your log any special comments about that day’s practice such as when, how, to whom injuries occurred, what the weather was like, how you handled excessive heat or lightning, what the field conditions were and how you accommodated those conditions, etc. This builds a basis for you as a “reasonable” person and that is extremely valuable if you should ever end up in court.