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Preseason Check List

  1. Team sign-up.
  2. Roster (don’t forget your support staff)
  3. Team Pictures
  4. Team Meetings – Helps prevent future misunderstandings.
  5. Parent Meetings – be sure to cover communication.
  6. Team rules and guidelines. Discipline. Consequences. Be Clear!
  7. Go over the good conduct policy.
  8. Set up the Remind app for athletes and parents.
  9. Submit practice schedules to athletes and AD.
  10. Check eligibility of all athletes.
  11. Athletes must have a current physical and all required forms in to be eligible. 12. Purchases: Nothing should be ordered without my approval. For resale items, all money should be collected in advance.
  12. Errors by the AD Office – Notify me immediately!

Seasonal Information

  1. Safety–liability–accident reports–proper supervision to include locker rooms– warn players about dangers– proper conditioning–equipment– facilities– first aid and care- clearance of Dr.—documentation. 2. Security–lockers–valuables–doors locked.
  2. Reporting to the news media.
  3. Philosophy-playing time/line-ups/lower levels.
  4. Wednesday – family night, all practices need to be completed by 6PM.

Post Season

  1. Collect all equipment and let the AD know if you need help getting anything.
  2. Complete year-end report
  3. Schedule end of the season awards night