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Prevention And Care Of Athletic Injuries Guidelines 

The head coach of each athletic activity is responsible for seeing that all known injuries that occur during practices and games are cared for properly.

Use this procedure as a guideline.

  1. Determine the extent of the injury as major until finding otherwise.
  2. If the injury requires medical care, obtain the services of a doctor in attendance. If no doctor is available, call the ambulance/or rescue unit.
  3. A school official should accompany the student to the hospital when possible.
  4. As soon as possible, contact the student’s parents or guardian.
  5. File an injury report form in the athletic office providing all required information.

Common Causes of Coaches’ Liability 

  1. Failure to supervise an activity in a reasonable manner.
  2. Negligently entrusting a duty to an under qualified or unqualified individual.
  3. Failing to properly teach skills.
  4. Failing to teach protective skills.
  5. Failing to provide and maintain a safe coaching and playing environment.
  6. Failing to inspect, repair, or recondition equipment properly.
  7. Failing to teach athletes to inspect their own equipment.
  8. Failing to provide proper effective equipment.
  9. Failing to have athletes play an activity properly.
  10. Failing to create safe policies and procedures for an activity.
  11. Failing to follow and enforce such policies and procedures.
  12. Failing to adopt safety standards of pertinent administrative organization.
  13. Failing to properly administer first-aid.
  14. Failing to warn of inherent dangers of the activity.
  15. Failing to keep adequate and accurate records.