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School Bus Transportation

The school district provides transportation for students living outside of the town of Gilbert. Buses are also provided for transportation of special education students. The following is a list of the school bus rules:

(1) Students who must cross the road to board the bus are to cross only after the bus has stopped, the stop arm extended, and the driver signals to cross.

(2) Students are not to leave their seats while the bus is in motion. The bus driver may assign seats. Students may change seats when the bus is stopped, if the driver has granted permission.

(3) At no time are students permitted to put hands, heads, etc. out the window.

(4) Excessive noise created by bus passengers can be hazardous, especially at railroad crossings and road intersections when the driver is trying to observe potential dangers. Students are asked to consider this at all times.

(5) Students wishing to have other students ride home with them should contact the bus barn. Extra students on some route busses may make that bus over the maximum capacity.

(6) A student reported to an administrator by a bus driver for misconduct will be warned and the incident will be reported to parents. The second report of misconduct will result in the student being suspended from riding privileges for one week. Further infractions will result in progressively more severe penalties.

Transportation of Students To and From School Activities

Students will be required to ride to and from all school activities, in which they are participants, in school-owned or authorized vehicles with the following exception: Students may be transported to and from such activities by their own parents or guardians or by parents of other students involved in the activity. Parents or guardians of students involved must notify the secondary principal or his/her designee in advance of any such trip. Under no circumstances will student participants be allowed to drive to and from such activities.