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I cannot believe it is already time to remind you about weather cancellations–time seems to move very quickly these days. We have our alert system for your cell phone calls, emails and text messaging still available through School Messenger.  School Messenger connects directly to PowerSchool, our Student Information System, for phone and email data. Parents/Guardians wishing to receive a text message alert may “opt-in” to this feature by sending a text message with the word “Subscribe” to 68453 from the cell phone they want to receive school alerts.   We will also have it on channels 5, 8, and 13, usually by 6:00 in the morning.

We are currently in the process of working on the district’s 3-5 year priorities. More information will be coming out at a later date.
Fall activities have wound down with the Variety Show this weekend.  Congratulations to Coaches Aaron Thomas and Troy Staudt and the Boys Cross Country team for capturing the title for Class 3A.  Winning one title is an amazing accomplishment but to win back to back championships is extremely difficult. We are proud of you for doing the hard work to achieve this level!  Winter sports practices are beginning and pretty soon we can enjoy wrestling meets and basketball games. Congratulations also to the six band members and three chorus members who made it to All State–another fantastic accomplishment.