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Teacher Quality Professional Development & Allocation of Funds

 At Gilbert, teachers will have the opportunity to design their own personalized professional learning plan.  Teachers may choose to use that non-contract time to complete individual plans as well as choosing to work on their plans over the course of the school year.

  • Teachers will be paid at their individual per diem rate in the month following completion (submitting final paperwork and sharing out of learning) of their individual plans.  This does not include the the district share out time.  
  • New learning will be shared with staff in a format and time of each teacher’s choosing.
  • District share out May 2nd
  • Outside hours should be representative of at least 7 hours.
  • If work is completed in summer, you will still need to to provide evidence of impact on student learning in the year 2018-19.
  • Application forms will be accepted through March 30th.  Approval/denial will be given within two weeks.
  • End of plan report will be due no later than the last teacher work day.

Personalized Professional Learning Plan

This can support your Individual Career Development Plan or it may be a separate learning target.  Ideas could include:

  • Book Study – incorporated into your timeline
  • New learning from a class/workshop
  • Unit creation/refinement with connections to the Iowa Core State Standards (CCSS, scope and sequence)
    • Essential Questions/Essential Learnings/Big Ideas (unit vision)
    • Assessments-summative, diagnostic, and formative
  • Integrating technology and resources into the curriculum
  • AIW Scoring Session – incorporated into your timeline


Teacher input will be gathered at the end of the 2018-19 school year to gauge the success of this implementation.

Teacher Quality Application

Teacher Quality End of Year Report